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"Morty and Dolores" are dying to meet you

“Morty and Dolores are the names of the ghosts haunting the house in which we are hiding from zombies. We don’t know the names of the zombies. We have a complicated relationship with Morty and Dolores because they hate zombies...  read

Don't miss David Lawson's one-man show "Nazis and Me"

Hey, Line Break fans! If you were at our show on October 6th, you heard powerful excerpts from David Lawson's new one-man show, Nazis and Me. And even if you weren't there, you won't want to miss this thought-provoking performance...  read

Read David Barr Kirtley's "Power Armor: A Love Story"

Greetings, Line Break fans! Continuing our month of wonderful things to read... ...if you were with us back in January, our friend David Barr Kirtley dropped by to read us only the first half of his sci-fi romp "Power Armor:...  read

Listen to Sam J. Miller on NPR's Weekend Edition!

Hello again, Line Break fans! As a reminder, we're on hiatus for the month of May, so we won't be having a show this Saturday at Q.E.D. However, we don't want to leave you high and dry for the month,...  read

Don’t miss Justin Weinberger’s script tonight on THE AMERICANS!

The Center has an important new assignment for you, Line Break fans! Listen carefully, memorize your mission, then destroy this tape. Last month at Line Break #18, we were treated to a chapter from Justin Weinberger's novel-in-progress. But besides being...  read

Read Robert J. Howe's latest poem (which you heard first at Line Break!)

Congratulations to Line Break reader Robert J. Howe on the publication of his poem "The Ghosts of Christmas" by Punch Drunk Press! If you were at Line Break #15 back in January, then you were lucky enough to hear Bob...  read

Don't miss this week's Poets of Queens reading in Astoria!

Line Break is pleased to welcome a new local reading series to the neighborhood! Our guest Olena Jennings, who read for us at Line Break #10, has recently founded the new organization Poets of Queens, with a mission to celebrate...  read

Check out host William Shunn's latest short story, "Last"

We're delighted to announce that host William Shunn's new short story, "Last," has just appeared at, an online science fiction anthology and writing competition presented by XPRIZE. XPRIZE, as you may know, is a non-profit organization that designs and...  read

Will you answer "The Call"?

Here at Line Break, we love to feature the work of our readers when we can. So please, on this Independence Day, check out this animated short film by Jonathan Weiss, which was scored by our recent Issue #9 reader...  read

See William Shunn and other Line Break vets this weekend at the Queens Lit Fest

For three years now, the Queens Lit Fest has highlighted the incredible talent and diversity of writers in this greatest of New York City's boroughs. Line Break host William Shunn participated last year, and he's delighted to be doing so...  read
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