"Morty and Dolores" are dying to meet you


Kyle Thiessen reads at Line Break #11 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
“Morty and Dolores are the names of the ghosts haunting the house in which we are hiding from zombies. We don’t know the names of the zombies. We have a complicated relationship with Morty and Dolores because they hate zombies just like we do, but they’re also trying to scare the shit out of us.”

With those words way back at Line Break #11, the redoubtable Kyle Thiessen introduced us to bickering ghosts Morty and Dolores, victims of a most hilarious zombie apocalypse. By the end of the next twelve minutes we were all ghosts, having died of laughter.

Now, for Halloween, we're pleased to announce that "Morty and Dolores" has been published by our friends over at The Piltdown Review. Now you read can read it and die too!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Line Break! And big congratulations to Kyle Thiessen. Please read responsibly, and we'll hope to see you at Line Break #24 on Sunday, November 4th.

Morty and Dolores: dogb.us/morty

"Morty and Dolores" by Kyle Thiessen at The Piltdown Review

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