Read David Barr Kirtley's "Power Armor: A Love Story"


David Barr Kirtley reads at Line Break #15 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
Greetings, Line Break fans! Continuing our month of wonderful things to read...

...if you were with us back in January, our friend David Barr Kirtley dropped by to read us only the first half of his sci-fi romp "Power Armor: A Love Story," a tale of alternate timelines, unlikely romance, and, of course, power armor. The audience was devastated when, for reasons of time, Dave had to stop halfway through. But don't worry! If you didn't manage track down the link to the story back then, we have it for you right here.

read "power armor: a love story" at lightspeed magazine

Give it a read!

And please mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2nd, when we'll return at the special time of 5:00 pm for Line Break #19, featuring World Fantasy Award nominee Michael Libling, Afrofuturist author Sherese Francis, poet and editor Emily Alta Hockaday, storyteller and essayist Julie Threlkeld, and poet Kurt Olsson. Don't miss it!

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