Read Robert J. Howe's latest poem (which you heard first at Line Break!)


Robert J. Howe reads at Line Break #15 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
Congratulations to Line Break reader Robert J. Howe on the publication of his poem "The Ghosts of Christmas" by Punch Drunk Press!

If you were at Line Break #15 back in January, then you were lucky enough to hear Bob perform this piece as the capper to a terrific poetry reading. If you weren't there, then please click over to Punch Drunk Press and catch the flavor of what everyone was buzzing about after the show.

This is the kind of high-quality writing you'll hear at every episode of Line Break. Join us next for Line Break #17 on March 3rd, where you'll hear deathless prose by Jennifer Marie Brissett, Nancy Hightower, Renee Mariotti, Jonathan Sumpter, and Rachel Voss. We promise you a rewarding hour of literary goodness.

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