Meet our readers: Eden Robins


Eden Robins lives in Chicago and will give you a very stern look if you speak disparagingly of the Midwest. She writes short fiction, long fiction, short essays, op-eds no one wants, and comedy videos for Big Pharma. She also co-hosts Tuesday Funk, a monthly live lit show in Chicago that she inherited from William Shunn, and has read her work aloud at many other pithily named events, as well as various hotel conference rooms at sci-fi conventions. She spends too much money on plane tickets.

Please join Eden and all our amazing readers for Line Break #11, Saturday, September 2, 3:00 p.m. at Q.E.D. in Astoria. Tickets are only 7 bucks!

Line Break

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Line Break is an eclectic monthly reading series showcasing a mix of fiction, poetry and essays. We are currently on hiatus.